Ten Fast Fingers – The Basics of Typing with All 10 Fingers

Ten Fast Fingers – The Basics of Typing with All 10 Fingers

Hunt and peck technique

In this case, the ten fast fingers methodology can provide a lot of results in day-to-day work. Beyond that, there is a specific technique here that allows people to find the exact key with any of their fingers.

This simply requires some detail to differentiate a key from the others. Of course, this is optional as there are some people with the ability to almost blindly find the key they are looking for. However, only a few people have this ability when typing.

So this technique is based simply on searching using the sense of touch rather than sight. With enough practice, a person can type at considerable speed. There are also other ways to obtain excellent speed writing.

Typewriter Position in Ten Fast Fingers

One of the basic techniques at the time of 10 finger typing is to use the classic position of the typewriter. The important thing here is to occupy the A, S D and F keys with the fingers of the left hand. In the same way, the keys J, K, L, and ? should be occupied with the fingers of the right hand.

On the other hand, each of the thumbs should be placed on the space bar. By doing this, each of the fingers can occupy a certain area of the keyboard. Since all fingers are working, fast typing is possible.

It could easily happen that this basic position is lost as the person advances in typing. So, the most important thing here is practice and experience gained over time.

In the same way, it can be very helpful to place the index fingers on the F and J keys. This is an excellent way to place the rest of the fingers next to these main keys. With enough practice, you can increase your speed writing.

Keys and fingers

Another way to improve the ten fast fingers technique is that each finger must take care of a certain key. So to begin with it is important to learn the basic typewriter position.

After that, the index fingers take care of the F and J, as well as the G and H. In the same sense, the lower keys in each case and the upper keys are also part of the index finger area.

In the same direction, each of the other fingers also takes care of the lower keys and the thin upper keys up to the numbers. On the other hand, the little fingers should cover the entire rest of the key area near them. As mentioned, obtaining fast typing requires proper practice.

As this position is respected for each finger, then the 10-finger typing can be perfected more and more. Beyond that, these techniques allow us to accelerate the writing process thanks to a high level of fast typing.

Additional considerations

While it may seem difficult at first, the truth is that anyone can get the ten fast fingers. So, the most important goal should be to automate this set of techniques. Learning 10 finger typing can be compared to learning to drive a car.

Once this technique is completely mastered, it will be automated in the subconscious. In this case, we do not need to think and the specific technique to be able to write quickly. Therefore, this is the main important aspect when we talk about ten fast fingers.

On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain a certain body posture when using this technique. So, since the writing process has been automated, then it is not necessary to look at the keyboard. Here we can simply look at the screen at all times. This, in turn, allows us to maintain a more upright posture and a straighter spine.

Also, when you perfect this technique you will notice that the work time needed for any typing decreases excellently. That is why it is convenient to opt for 10 fingers typing.

You may also notice that the efficiency devoted to the work itself increases. Simply put, this happens because your brain no longer needs to pay attention to the keyboard. So the work itself gets 100% of the attention.

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