Weird Techniques for Better Writing Productivity that Actually Work

Weird Techniques for Better Writing Productivity that Actually Work

When writing is more than a hobby, but what you do for a living, your productivity level will have a direct impact over your earnings and professional success.

In some of our previous blog posts, we talked about all those factors that influence writing speed. In this post, we’ll look at some unusual strategies to optimize these factors and start writing faster than ever:

1.Play Around with Routine

Routine is a double-edged sword in writing: it can help you develop a steady and disciplined mode of working, but can hinder your creativity.

Try going outside your routine for a while and adapting the structure you usually use to write.

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2. Change Your Surroundings

As creatures of habit, we tend to associate a particular place with a specific activity. For example, we associate the bed with sleeping, so if you lay in your bed with your laptop trying to work on a presentation for work, you will notice that you’re getting sleepy all of a sudden.

(Fun fact: The practice of working in bed has been dubbed Prousting, after Marcel Proust, who had a long-standing habit of working from his bed.)

This piece of advice is not about changing your usual place for working and writing: after all, you’re well familiar with your habits, preferences, and you know where you do your best work.

But, sometimes when you pick an unusual place to work, you might get a new perspective and notice that your creativity is boosted. Try working at a spot in your home where you’ve never worked before. Or, if you never worked outside of home, try going to a local coffee shop with Wi-Fi and do your writing there.

3. Change Your Text Processor

Most of us are traditionally used to working in Office or Google Docs. When we see these types of documents, they automatically remind us of writing. It’s a platform that we’ve been using for decades, so imagine how much your brain would be surprised if you switched things up.

Unfortunately (but fortunately for those who dislike change), most word processors look exactly the same. Whether you use Evernote, Word, Libra Office or other tools, you’ll always be faced with that same ocean of blank paper that’s waiting for your words.

A good way to go around this and try a different environment is to create a free WordPress site. You will get access to a content management platform where you can directly input blog posts, which would be a change from the classic piece of white paper. Another perk of this is that you’ll be able to access your text afterwards and never lose them (don’t worry, you can make everything you publish private for as long as you’d like).

4. Change the Font

Many writers swear that using an unusual font in their writing makes them more productive and creative.

This doesn’t mean changing your commonly used font from, let’s say, Times New Roman to Arial, which are quite similar. The point is to choose a completely different style from what you would normally use and surprise your brain.

There’s also the big question of the despised Comic Sans MS. Since 1999, there have been online campaigns to ban the font, and designers have described using Comic as “dressing up as a clown to a black-tie event”. However, scientists have proven several advantages of Comic Sans MS: better reading comprehension and easier reading for dyslexic people.

No matter how much you hate it, try using Comic Sans MS the next time you write. Some writers claim it makes them write faster, while some claim it makes them more expressive and creative.

5. Increase Your Font Size

Writing productivity often comes down to tricking your brain that it’s doing great, which creates a magic circle that actually makes it write faster and better.

By increasing your font size, you will get the feeling that you’re accomplishing more in a shorter span of time, which will have a motivational effect on your writing brain.

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